A welding job done right. 25 years later, and we’re still following that same principle.

One avenue of custom metal fabrication that we offer is welding repair. Using arc gouging, our welders in western SC, are able to weed out the metal that is cracked or in need of repair, and then fix that area by welding it back together. You know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Well, our welders in western SC, would add, “and if it is broken, we’ll most likely be able to fix it!”

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Other Services We Offer…

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Shearing Metal Services

Using a machine, the shearing process slices metal or removes metal parts that are defected or rusted, using straight cuts. With the equipment and capabilities we have, we’re able to trim sheet metal to your exact dimensions. If you want further customizations done, we’re able to plasma cut, bend, and much more!

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Rolling & Bending Metal Services

If you have sheet metal that needs to be made thinner at a uniform, custom thickness, our metal rolling process (not roll-forming) can do just that. Or, maybe you need sheet metal bent at a certain angle. Using our hydraulic break press, we’re able to bend steel to the exact angle that you want.

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CNC Punching & Plasma Cutting Services

Do you need consistent punch-holes across your sheet metal? Using our CNC punch press, we’re able to make custom punch-hole sizes wherever you need them on your sheet metal. Additionally, we’re able to make minute and accurate cuts to the metal on our plasma table.

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From Our Customers…


We’re committed to communicating with you every step of the way from the initial call to the time of pickup…and even after. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the welding repair job or have further repair needs, we’re always willing to help!

Experienced Welding Shop

We’ve got 25 years of experience in the metal industry, giving our welders an experiential advantage over a lot of other welding shops near western SC. Even if you have a complicated welding repair need(s), talk to us about it, and we’ll see what we can do!

Attention to Detail

Our welders in western SC, are committed to attention to detail and strive to make excellent and long-lasting repairs. Every customer request is taken seriously and executed with pinpoint accuracy. We don’t just repair. We repair so you don’t have to repair again.

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Where We Are

Our welding shop is located in western SC. We’re 45 miles south of Greenville and 86 miles west of Columbia.


If you live within 50 miles of our welding shop in western SC, we’ll deliver your product directly to your door!