Carports in SC

Exceptional, custom carports built in western SC.

Looking for a carport? We build customized, excellently-installed carports across South Carolina. We remain above subpar carport companies who mar the carport name and reputation. The carports we sell in western South Carolina, outpace competitor carports with higher quality materials, an exceptional installation process, and clearer communication with you, our customer. If you don’t see your carport below, just call us to design a custom carport!

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Our Standard Carport Styles

Regular Design

exterior of quality regular carport in SC for sale

Our regular design can be enclosed, open, fully insulated, and more!

Horizontal Design

exterior of a horizontal carport in sc for sale

This design has roof panels that run horizontally. This design is also fully customizable.

Vertical Design

exterior of a vertical carport in SC for sale

The vertical design allows for the roof panels to be installed vertically. It’s also fully customizable.

exterior of a red 1 car carports in for sale in SC

Open Carports

Open carports are a great and affordable shelter for your car; after all, you’ve only got one car…protect it! Plus, tack on some customizations to add a bit of extra space to your carport for some storage items!

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3-Side Enclosed Carports

2 cars? The more the merrier; customize your carport with additional room for storage space or for just a roomier parking lot! Our 3-Side Enclosed metal carports in western SC, are built-to-last while giving plenty of space for you and your vehicles.

RV Covers

These covers are designed to keep your RV safe from rain, snow, sun, and other harsh weather conditions that can cause damage and reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. Our RV covers come in a variety of sizes and materials to fit different types of vehicles, and they can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Carports with Storage

Although carports are usually open structures with no siding, we offer partially or fully enclosed carports in western South Carolina, for storage purposes. Safeguarding your precious fall or Christmas decor is important to us!

Enclosed Garages

Looking to build a shop or workshop? A carport, used as a workshop, is an affordable option! An enclosed garage allows you to build your inventions, hammer out a new shelf, or work on some other DIY project, all under a roof in your backyard!

Custom Carports

Custom carports can be designed to meet your specific needs, whether you need space for multiple vehicles, RV’s boats, or other equipment. They can also be tailored to match the aesthetics of your home or business, with a variety of roofing and siding options available.

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Request a quote. 

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We’ll discuss details.

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We’ll install it!

Browse Carport Ideas

From Our Customers…

Laser-Level Perfect

We realize that a level carport is a stable carport. When we install our carports, we make sure we level and straighten our carports with a laser, ensuring pinpoint accuracy.

Strong & Stable

We use a revolutionary tube bending process to make stronger and more stable angles in carport frames; we do this without crushing the tube angle or joining two tube angles together.

Base Rails

We use 2x3x3/16” galvanized angle iron for our base rail (a critical component of the structure’s foundation), which is 3X heavier than tubing used by many other carport manufacturers.

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Where We Are

We manufacture our custom carports at our shop in western South Carolina, which is 86 miles west of Columbia and 45 miles south of Greenville.


Do you live nearby? We offer free carport delivery within 60 miles of our location in western SC. 

our carport hardware and tube bending machines can be found hard at work, all over the usa.