Custom Carports In Western SC

Whether you need a simple carport for a single vehicle or a large structure to house multiple cars, RVs or boats, custom carports can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. They can be designed to fit any size or shape of vehicle. and can also be customized with additional features such as lighting or storage space. With a range of materials and design options available, custom carports offer an affordable and practical solution for protecting your vehicles and adding value to your property.

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We Also Offer…

3-Side Enclosed Carports

Discover our single car carports or upgrade to a customizable 3-side enclosed 2-car carport for dual vehicle storage. Choose your size, color, and height for the perfect car shelter solution!

Carport With Storage

People typically think of carports as being used primarily for vehicle storage. But they can also be used as storage units! Try customizing a quality, enclosed carport to best suit your storage wants.

From Our Customers…

Wind Rating

With certified engineering carport sheds built to withstand up to 120 mph wind gusts, it’s safe to say that your shop or workshop carport won’t be blowing off the western SC map anytime soon. You deserve your own shop to work on DIY projects!

Quality Roofing

Ensured with the manufacturer’s warranty, our metal roofing is made from premium-quality materials and is designed to stave off the worst of elements. Longer life expectancy and better fire resistance are two advantages of metal roofing.

Tube-Bending Process

Using our unique Versabend machine, we have a proprietary tube-bending process that not only creates a better-looking fit and finish for the roofing panels but also is proven to increase strength and stability. Work in peace in your sturdy carport!


The answer is, no, you don’t have to have the ground completely level for installation. We can modify the carport frame to the ground’s specifications.

Our certified engineered, enclosed carports are able to withstand up to 120 mph wind gusts.

It’s most likely cheaper to build your own carport shed because there is no labor cost involved; however, that involves a lot of time “DIY’ing”, plus contractors are typically more skilled and efficient at carport shed construction than the average homeowner. But, if you love DIY’ing, go for it!

This depends on what your local building codes say about building a carport in proximity to your property lines.

Yes, we offer a wide selection of color options for carports. You can find the link to explore the color range in the standard feature section.

Standard Features

  • Quality galvanized tubing
  • Bows formed from a single piece of tubing
  • Proprietary tube bending process used for carport frame
  • 2x3x3/16” galvanized angle iron base rail
  • Carports are certified and engineered to withstand up to 120 mph wind gusts
  • Quality metal roofing
  • Trained and qualified installers
  • Available color options for carports.
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Standard Designs

We offer 3 standard customizable, carport designs: Regular Carports, A-Frame Horizontal Carports, and A-Frame Vertical Carports.

Or, if you want your own completely custom-built carport, we can do that too! Just call us!

our carport hardware and tube bending machines can be found hard at work, all over the usa.