Metal Fabricator & Carport Builder in Western SC

Hi! We’re Cold Spring Enterprises, Inc., specializing in exceptional carport manufacturing and installation, custom metal fabrication, and metal distribution near western SC! We’re a local, family-owned business, not a distant corporation. We’re here to help homeowners, DIYers, small manufacturers, or whoever you might be!

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We build state-of-the art carports with thorough attention-to-detail. Whether it’s the carport itself, the installation process, the attention-to-detail, or you name it, we give carports the best reputation possible.

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Custom Metal Fabrication

With our quality equipment, we’re able to custom-metal fabricate pretty much anything you want. Punching, shearing, welding, bending, and more–we offer exceptional, custom metal fabrication services.

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Our welding team would love to help you with any metal repairs that you request. Because of our experience in the metal fabrication industry, we’re able to fix just about anything; we don’t just repair–we repair so that you don’t have to repair again.

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Metal Distribution

Are you a small DIY’er or manufacturer in South Carolina? From galvanized tubing and brackets to structural steel, we’ve got it all, and plenty of it, in-stock. If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you; it usually comes by the next day.

From Our Customers…

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Who We Are

We’re Cold Springs Enterprises, Inc., a carport manufacturer, custom-metal fabricator, and metal distributor in western South Carolina. Over the past 25 years, our focus has been building a bond and trust with our community by providing our local customers with exceptional products and solutions.


We’ve got 25 years of experience in the carport/metal industry. Locally, we’ve been able to establish a trustworthy name and relationship with our customers.

Production Method

Carport buyers want an affordable, durable product that’s installed efficiently. We’re able to create stronger carports because of our exceptional method of production.

Customer Service

Clear communication has always been a top priority for us. We make sure we’re understanding you and you’re understanding us. Every. Single. Call.

Material Quality

We’re different from most competitors by using better-quality materials to build sturdier carports…delivered for free (within 50 miles) to your property.

More Services

While we do install custom carports and offer custom metal fabrication services, we also deliver carport metal-tube-bending machines and galvanized carport hardware all across the nation.

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Where We Are...

Our shop is located in western SC, 86 miles west of Columbia and 45 miles south of Greenville. Stop by our shop or call us for more information! 

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Where We Deliver

We offer free carport delivery within 60 miles of our location in western SC. We also offer free delivery for larger orders of carport hardware or metal within 50 miles of our base.