Single Car Carports in Western SC

It’s your car. Protect it with a second-to-none, single-best, custom-tailored, single-carport.

We offer single car carports from our headquarters in western SC. Single carports hold a lot of value since they (1) keep your car protected, (2) add additional aesthetic and tranquility to your backyard, and (3) allow for easy parking and access all the time.

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We Also Offer…

photo of a 2-car carport as a showcase service on the single carports in sc for sale page

2-Car Carports

From our shop in western SC, we also manufacture larger carports, designed for 2 cars. Feel free to add custom details to your 2-car carport to make it “roomy” or to add additional storage space.

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Shop/Workshop Carports

Although many carports have open sides, you can opt in for an enclosed shop/workshop carport that will keep you protected from the elements on all sides. That way you can focus on building your latest project.

From Our Customers…

Frame Strength

Using a revolutionary machine, dubbed the Versabend, we’re able to create strong bends in the carport post-frame without crushing the tube or joining two frame angles together. The process is done by securing the framing-tube in the machine and machine-bending the angle. This process has been proven to increase the strength and stability of the overall carport frame.

Qualified Install

Excellent single car carport installers in western SC are hard to come by. Relax. At Cold Spring Enterprises, our installers are trained and qualified by us, the manufacturers. After 25 years of experience, we know how to correctly install a carport! We always install our single car carports with detail and precision. We even shoot the corners of our carports with a laser!

Quality Tubing

Our steel, galvanized tubing comes from the industry-leading producer of in-line galvanized tubes. Since 1959, Allied Tube and Conduit has provided corrosion-protected steel tubing, a critical component for single-car carports. This ensures that you receive a durable, and stable, carport that will last for many years to come!


The answer is, no, you don’t have to have the ground completely level for installation. We can modify the carport post-frames to the ground specifications.

Our single car carports in western SC, are certified and engineered to withstand up to 120 mph wind gusts.

Typically, a 12’x20’ or 12’x22’ carport is big enough to hold 1 car. However, this will largely depend on the type of car you have and how much “room/space” you want around your car.

Standard Features

  • Quality galvanized tubing
  • Bows formed from a single piece of tubing
  • Proprietary tube bending process used for carport frame
  • 2x3x3/16” galvanized angle iron base rail
  • Carports are certified engineered to withstand up to 120 mph wind gusts
  • Quality metal roofing
  • Trained and qualified installers
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Single Car Carport Standard Designs

We offer 3 standard customizable, carport designs: Regular Carports, A-Frame Horizontal Carports, and A-Frame Vertical Carports.

Or, if you want your own completely custom-built carport, we can do that too! Just call us!

our carport hardware and tube bending machines can be found hard at work, all over the usa.