Versabend Tubing Bender

Cold Spring Enterprises designed, manufactures, uses, and sells a custom tubing bender for the carport industry. The Versabend Tubing Bender can handle square and rectangular tubing used by carport and light tube steel building manufacturers.


The Versabend comes equipped with all the tooling needed to bend 2″, 2 1/4″, and 2 1/2″ square tubing and also 2″ x 3″ rectangle tubing in both 12ga and 14ga wall thicknesses.  Switching between tubing sizes is accomplished in seconds with no tools.  The Versabend Tubing Bender features a dual-stop system which allows repetitive and consistent bending to any roof pitch for both the peak bend and the eave bend.  Using the Versabend, the complete bow can be made in 3 easy bends compared to 5 bends with most other bending processes.  This translates to a faster bend cycle and greater production capabilities.

Versabend Tubing Bender

The Versabend creates a stronger, more attractive building with a better fit and finish.


Click above to see a short clip of the Versabend in action.


Versabend Specifications

Machine Length 61 in.
Machine Width 42 1/2 in.
Machine Height 43 in.
Machine Weight 1,000 lbs.
Motor Size 5 HP
Motor RPM 1725
Pump GPM 3
Tonnage @ 2,800 PSI 9.9 Tons
Cylinder Bore 3 in.
Cylinder Rod Dia. 2 in.
Cylinder Stroke Length 24 in.
Power Requirements 220V Single Phase*
Draw @2275 PSI 23 AMPS

* Three Phase Power Pack Optional


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